FileMaker Server Admin Console buttons

Idea created by sumware on Nov 3, 2015
    • TonyWhite
    • sumware

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    Easier access to common tasks in FileMaker Server Admin Console - specifically: close/open file buttons next to the name of the file in the Activity window, send message and disconnect buttons next to client name where they appear and "Run a Schedule Now" button between the "Enabled" check box and the schedule name.


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    The above mentioned commands are tucked away in a drop down menu away from the file name, client name or schedule name. While it is not hard to execute the commands, from a UI perspective, one must remember to click the file name, client name, schedule name first, then click the pull down menu (this can be fun when remotely connected to a server on a dodgy connection), then select the appropriate menu item. It is reasonably easy to accidentally select the wrong menu item (close all instead of close).




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    To stop me right-clicking the file, client or schedule like we used to