Separate field controls for "edit", "view" and "select/copy"

Idea created by TorstenBernhard on Nov 4, 2015

    Until the current version, a field can be "scrollable" and its content "selectable" only with "browse" active.

    If the content of a field shall be scrollable but not modifiable, this has to be handled by a script trigger, throwing nonsensical messages on users who are unfortunate enough to inadvertently modify such a field while viewing its content.


    For  "browse" mode it would be good to have a selector for each of the following properties in the inspector:

    - "modify/view only" ( retaining scrollability in view only )

    - "copy/ no copy"


    This would give a clear distinction between modifiable and read-only fields

    And if the two properties could be programmatically controlled, it would be easy to work with unified layouts, uncluttered with workaround script triggers.