Script Workspace: Folder Dropdown and Declaring Variables

Idea created by restored18 on Nov 4, 2015

    The script workspace is a great improvement in FM 14, but I have a couple improvement ideas.


    First, in previous versions of FileMaker, the script list had a drop-down list of all defined folders. Selecting a folder would filter the script list to show only the scripts in that folder. I would love to see that added to the script workspace. I have organized all my scripts in folders and it would be great to view them by folder.


    Second, I would like to be able to declare variables by typing $ or $$. Coming from PHP work, I often will type the $ symbol to create a variable, but then have to remind myself to type 'Set Variable' instead. Being able to declare a variable and populate it in a single line like so $var = 1, would be an excellent bonus. I would settle for $ being a shortcut symbol, as a start.