Save/reload host list and application preferences

Idea created by dburnham on Nov 5, 2015
    • Hemant Kumar Patel
    • robertnaud
    • Markus Schneider
    • alternapop
    • dburnham

    Allow a list of hosts and preferences for FileMaker Pro to be saved and reloaded, similar to Server settings.


    Also, we should be able to delete a Host from the list of Hosts the way we could before FM-14 (there was a remove button).   The remove button still exists if you invoke Manage Favorites, but it would be so simple to just put a minus symbol beside the plus symbol in the new Launch Center.


    Also, it is very important to be able to maintain a set of saved LAN hosts that you can't currently connect to.   If you go to a client's site to do so,e work and need to access the databases on their network, it's especially helpful and convenient (event necessary) to be able to have the IP address of their FMServer saved.  Otherwise, you have to make note of it somewhere and re-enter the Host every time you come to visit a client, or ask their IT people for it again and again, which certainly doesn't look very professional.  I've been told that the new Launch Center will auto-delete any saved LAN hosts that cannot be found on the network when the Launch Center is invoked.  That's not a good thing.