Separate layout design modes for print, screen and table views plus HTML layouts

Idea created by intex on Nov 5, 2015

    Currently we have one layout mode with all tools for everything available at the same time. While perhaps in FM3 we built the same layout for use in print and on screen, we definitely don´t do this anymore today. But what is it worth to be able to define hover effects on a print layout, where is the sense of being able to define columnar printing on a table layout ? These tools just clutter the interface.


    Because of that, I suggest that as part of the generation of a new layout one has to decide whether this is


    a) a screen layout

    b) a print layout

    c) a table view layout


    With this we get a less confusing and cleaned up interface. For example you would get print ready themes for the print layout instead of funky 3D full color themes with hover effects and other non printable stuff. In table view you would only have to choose the fields and field order. And for screen layouts there would be no printing margins.


    And for FM Advanced I suggest a fourth WEB/HTML view. In this view/layout mode, you wouldn´t draw the layout, but code it with HTML with some special codes like CDML to incorporate fields of the database and to call scripts via buttons. This HTML 5 standard view would be for all of us, who demand special possibilities from incorporating JSON calls to responsiveness - everything, that´s possible in the web, would be possible in FM at once.