import and replace custom functions while maintaining references

Idea created by tekguides on Nov 5, 2015

    All those among you who develop and maintain a library of custom function might know this:


    You have created some changes to a number of interdependent custom functions and would like to upgrade your previous solutions with these new custom functions. An easy way would be to import your whole custom function library and instruct FileMaker to replace all existing custom functions of identical name.

    Unfortunately, you cannot do this. There is no way to "replace".


    The important thing would, of course, be that the references from one custom function to another would not get lost during the replacement process. At present, if you delete one custom function and import a newer version of identical name, you have a problem: All the references to this custom function were destroyed when deleting it.


    Currently, there is no easy way of upgrading custom functions. Hence, this behaviour should be changed so that it becomes possible to maintain a custom function library without HOURS of tedious, error-prone, manual upgrading of every single custom functions, so as to prevent the destruction of the references among the custom functions.