Portal initial row as calculation

Idea created by fitch on Nov 5, 2015

    Portals have the option to set the initial row, which I use when displaying multiple copies of the same portal side-by-side, whether to minimize scrolling or to make a "grid" view. The issue is that when I do this, I can't make use of bottom anchors on the portal objects, so that each portal displays additional rows when the window is enlarged. This limits my ability to make cool interfaces. E.g.:


    1. a portal with rows 1-10, and next to it a portal with rows 11-20
    2. enlarge the window, and now you'll see
    3. a portal with rows 1-15, and next to it a portal with rows 11-25
    4. they overlap!


    The solution I envision would require two things:

    • a way to calculate the currently visible rows
    • the initial row option would have to allow a calculation or at least a $$variable


    I realize that the first problem can sort of be solved using GetLayoutObjectAttribute to get the portal height and then dividing by the row height, but it would be less fragile if we could return say:

    GetLayoutObjectAttribute( "portalA" ; "visibleRowCount" ).


    An alternate solution that would make this whole idea moot would be a way to "link" side-by-side portals, so that one would start where the other left off. Either way it might be useful to accurately get the visible rows.