Customize Status Toolbar in Browse Mode (mac)

Idea created by dburnham on Nov 9, 2015
    • dburnham


    Fix the Customize Status Tool Bar command so that it retains settings in Browse Mode

    In Layout mode, Preview mode and Find Mode, the modified Status toolbar retains its settings as expected.


    However, in Browse mode in FM-14 on my Mac, it continually reverts to the original factory settings, regardless whether the file is hosted or local, or what version it's in.


    Below is a composite image of the way I want my customized toolbar to look in browse mode, and underneath it, the way FileMaker continually displays it to me until I use the menu command to, again and again, day after day, re-customize it again.  I don't want to ever see or use the Delete Record button, or any of the other buttons that are FM's default for Browse Mode.  I want my three buttons and nothing else.   I get to have what I want in Preview, Layout, and Find Mode --- why can't I have what i want in Browse mode too?