Relationship Graph badges

Idea created by TonyWhite on Nov 10, 2015

    A summary of your idea:
    Relationship Graph badges. 6 per Relationship line (3 on each side):

    1. Green for “Allow creation...”
    2. Red for “Delete related...”
    3. Sort for “Sort Records...” (or any other non-grey color with good contrast)

    There is a strong case to be made for granular feature requests...a feature big enough to provide a meaningful and completely implemented improvement, and small enough to stand on its own. This might even be considered an ‘agile’ buzzword compliant approach.

    Hat tip: This was a feature that I first heard requested by Vincenzo Menanno at one of the New York City pause on error sessions.

    Badges on the relationship graph would be conceptually identical to the use of badges in the Layout Design surface (conditional formatting, tooltips etc.)

    This feature would only be worth the engineering time if the badges had different colors.

    Why this idea is important to you:
    Useful for the following reasons:

    • Improved developer productivity (less need to drill down)
    • Increased data security (locate cascading deletes more easily)

    Specific use cases you are looking to solve:

    • General productivity
    • Reduce risk of unintended cascading delete of data