Sort records by field - new option to extend existing sort order

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Nov 12, 2015
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    It should be possible to build a sort order up column by column, where each new column-to-sort can be added to the existing sort order.


    With an extra check box "Extend existing sort order" in the "Sort records by field step" this could be achieved relatively easily:


    Sort Records by Field.png




    - Users have the opportunity to build up complicated sort-orders in an easy and natural way.

    - It's easy to understand, since it reuses the equivalent concept of the Extend Found Set command

    - It's simple to program - FileMaker users and developers of any level can program it

    - It's backwards compatible

    - It does not increase the complexity of FileMaker


    Use Cases


    • Column header sort buttons
      • Column headers could use Sort records by field[extend existing sort order;SomeField] to always extend the sort order
      • or could call a script which decides whether to extend the sort order if the CTRL key is being held
    • Save and restore sort order
      • Current implementations of saving and restoring the sort order require every possible sort order to be programmed in a huge if-else construct - YUK! - in other words it is quite implausible
      • With a column-oriented approach a sort order can be restored column by column using a loop and a much smaller if-else construct.
    • Reporting and Charting
      • Such a stepwise approach to building sort orders could make reporting and charting layouts much more dynamic and user-friendly