Centralized management of objects and object names

Idea created by golife on Nov 14, 2015
    • fitch
    • mardikennedy
    • hehazelhorst

    As we are managing field names for tables, I propose to manage objects in a centralized place and similar tabloid way.


    I see this as an extension also to the idea proposed in Go to field by fieldnames and/or automatic default object names


    1. Objects receive unique id numbers when created which can be used in calculations
    2. All objects with their id number and main attributes are managed from one place (similar to fields with tables) and could be listed and defined from there (maybe based on the selection of a layout) This also would give a nice overview of all objects used including their current attributes (hidden or not, theme, style, position, etc.)
    3. The full name would be LAYOUT::Object name
    4. The user can specify an ALIAS name (or label name) which can be created using calculations (for translations for example)
    5. The ALIAS name is scriptable and could be derived from a calculation. It points to either id or actual name.
    6. Instead of having to look up object names in the Inspector or such centralized proposed overveiw, using a modifier key when moving the mouse over an object, the list of settings and object id/name/alias would popup as a tool tip.


    As mentioned in some other idea, here also grouping could be defined and settings of objects could be changed without actually touching the objects on the layout. So, also attributes of objects within groups could then easily be modified.