One command to set repeating fields to empty

Idea created by golife on Nov 14, 2015



    This is a very simple convenience idea:

    It is not possible using one command to delete the content of a repeating field. At least I did not find.

    I think setting a repeating field to empty should be allowed in a convenient way.


    Set (repeating) field "xyz" to ""  --- will empty the first key (value) of the repeating field

    Set (repeating field) "xyz[3} to "" --- will set value 3 of the repeating field to empty.


    How to get rid of all values at once?


    So far I am using Loops to set repeating values to empty. But they require script steps, and the same should be possible with just one simple command.




    "Set All Content" command


    "Set All Content to <myValue>" - would affect the whole field (and whatever control or variable allowing content to be set) and set it to the specified Value while deleting all values in repetitions.


    "Get All Content" function


    In a similar way it would be also nice to get all content from repeating fields and variables with one command using "return" as the default delimiter and replacing returns which might appear in repeating values with a special character. The result would be a return delimited list of text values. For binary values this would currently of course not work.


    Therefore we need Multidimensional Arrays !!! )))

    Multidimensional Arrays