Implement x-callback-url for iOS

Idea created by Malcolm on Nov 14, 2015
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    A strength of FileMaker Pro is that it can sit in the middle a workflow made up of many different applications. It would be great to bring that utility to the iOS platform. The x-callback-url scheme provides a mechanism for iOS apps to pass requests back and forth. If FileMaker Go provided an x-callback-url FileMakerGo could be easily placed in workflows with other productivity apps.

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    Our clients want highly customised, bespoke, productivity solutions that are unique to their needs. A combination of apps, like Workflow, with FileMaker go would enable us to provide simple hooks that they could them implement in the ways that reduce their workload.

    • specific use cases you are looking to solve

    We developed a sales solution for a wholesale distributor. Their sales staff use the solution on iPads and iPhones. Many of their customers have a very stable ordering pattern. In the current system we have a "duplicate order" button. The sales staff confirm that the client wants the same order, locates the last order and duplicate it.


    We are using the Workflow app to create a workflow in which the sales rep use the Contacts app to locate the contact. A URL stored in the contact record is called. The URL is a CWP script that duplicates the order. CWP is needed because an fmp: URL doesn't return a response.


    If we could call fmp:// database/parameters directly and obtain a success/failure response we would reduce the need for supporting CWP code. The action would be performed more quickly and with more likelihood of success. The action could be performed in situations when the phone/ipad has no network access. Limited network access is a very common problem for us. Any capability that  requires the network makes our solutions fragile.