fmp12 importation server-side

Idea created by Fred(CH) on Nov 16, 2015
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    • Fred(CH)


    With FileMaker Pro/Go, a script is able to import records from another table or even from another FileMaker file, whereas FileMaker Server cannot do it. I think it might be interesting to break this limitation.


    Why ?


    When one have to script massive records creation she/he will often use an Import Records step instead of a loop, for some reason as performance, limited number of necessary steps etc...

    Since some of these tasks could be differed/scheduled and/or also because one would use the ability to delegate these task to the server with PSoS , an fmp12 importation support server-side would be necessary.


    Example(s) :

    Databases synchronization, report table population, sub-records duplication, etc...