Script Workspace Auto Complete & standard commands (or/and...)

Idea created by rocknwater on Nov 16, 2015
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    Auto Complete is great inside the Script Workspace of FileMaker 14, however it gets in the way with common commands.

    If I type "or" and hit the enter button, it should assume that I mean "or" not auto complete it with a similar field or function name.


    For example, if I have a field with the name "Organization" then typing "or" will suggest that field and I then have to hit esc to avoid it autocompleting with that field instead of leaving it as the intended "or"

    Similar for all the other common commands (not, and, xor...) and simple numbers as well (1, 2...) where I just want to enter an actual number, but it's first guess is that I want to enter a field that includes that number.


    Should be simple to include commands as auto complete options, just like fields and functions are included.