Script Workspace: open new script tabs to the LEFT (FILO)

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Nov 17, 2015


    New script tabs should open to the LEFT of existing tabs, instead of to the right! (A minimal change with a maximal effect)


    Currently the Script Workspace rapidly gets clogged up as you open more and more subscripts, and - particularly problematic - most of the recently opened scripts - i.e. the currently most important scripts -  disappear into the little drop down menu, and you have to fiddle around to find the script you had just been working on.


    Once the behavior is changed to open new tabs to the LEFT, the workflow of opening and closing scripts becomes much more natural, because you always have the most recent, most important scripts visible in the workspace.


    Moreover the script tabs act as a First In Last Out (FILO) stack, meaning you can close scripts and earlier scripts you were working on come back into view.





    • Working with scripts and subscripts will be more natural
    • FILO supports a multitasking programming environment
    • Less script-programming errors
    • Productivity will be increased.
    • Happier developers! (It will be much more enjoyable to use the script workspace!)
    • You can bring a script to the 'front' (i.e. to the very left) by closing and reopening the script - without disturbing all the other open scripts.



    Use Cases


    1. Opening scripts and subscripts recursively to follow the flow of a script
    2. Multitasking developers - FILO stack:
      • When programming is (constantly) interrupted to do "currently more important" tasks, new scripts can be opened, and the scripts that were being worked on can quietly and unobtrusively be pushed off to the right of the screen.
      • As each programming task is finished the current scripts can be closed, and the scripts of earlier tasks will comfortably be redisplayed.
    3. Screenshots
      • Closing and reopening a script brings the name of the script to the first tab, making it is easily visible and clear in a screenshot. (In the current product you have to close all OTHER scripts to get a new script to the first tab - YUK!)