'Back-to-my-Mac' with FMPro and FMServer

Idea created by Benjamin Fehr on Nov 17, 2015
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • Jens Teich
    • rhermann

    With Mac OSX-Yosemite(?), Apple Inc. introduced the so called "back-to-my-Mac" function where you can connect to and remote access any other Mac with same Apple ID.

    Though it appears that the iCloud works like a DynDNS-Server.


    With FMS AND FMP, we need to have

    • a static WAN-IP OR DynDNS

    • a router config with Portforwarding, etc.


    If FMI finds a way to support Apple's 'Back-2-my-Mac' feature for Client-Server/Host connection, any WAN- and router-config requirements as well as DynDNS or expensive static WAN-IP would be obsolete.