Custom Login Dialog - Options and Skins

Idea created by jormond Expert on Nov 17, 2015

    Idea: Provide custom skin options and window/dialog options for the login dialog. Providing both visual / UI options and UX options.


    Why: Having control over the UX and UI is important to give the maximum flexibility to both the user and the developers. It also provides a means to avoid many of the ersatz security attempts that can compromise security. This goes well beyond just personal preference, but also into business rules, business logic, branding requirements for large and small companies, compliance to Federal / State / Local laws.


    What: Here are some of the use-cases that can be accomplished by adding customizable options ( community please comment with your ideas to add to this list ).

    • Skins ( Pro / WebDirect / Go ) - We all love FileMaker, but often it is important to reflect the established market identity for a company. Being able to skin the login dialog is very important to a company's customers, the business owners, IT security ( bogus login screens are easily identifiable when yours is custom ). Using a simplified or modified a "quasi markup language" ( Thanks for that line Chris ), could allow us to edit or customize the CSS to give the look and feel the customer and users require.
    • Window Size ( Pro / WebDirect / Go ) - sometimes we need the window size to be bigger and take up more of the screen. (See screens attached ). Google, Apple, etc...there is some confidence being able to see "THE Apple" login screen. Or Google. Our users see a very general login, even when logging into a specific database. The added window control lets the developers create the experience required to complete a design from first login, to log out.
    • Image Options - carrying the custom icons for files a touch farther, being able to include custom images in the login dialog fortifies the image of the company/customer. And further engages the user and makes them feel warm and fuzzy.
    • Tokens or Session IDs ( Pro / WebDirect / Go ) - including the ability to store cookie-like login sessions or tokens would open a lot of possibilities for controlling access. And allow us to push that authorized users into other files without having to "login" to every file.