Debugger -> Script Window -> Script Workspace

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Nov 17, 2015
    • Johan Hedman
    • mrwatson-gbs
    • Fred(CH)



    Once you have opened a script from the debugger, you can edit + save its content ... but with the current product that is it! You cannot edit or copy the script name, you cannot see where the script appears in the the script tree, you cannot get to the script workspace directly.


    We need


    1. a method (button) to dock the floating script window into the Script WorkSpace,
    2. a method of editing and copying the script's name DELIVERED


    An alternative could also be (Idea 3) a "dock all windows" function in the Script Workspace which closes all floating windows and opens them in the workspace




    • Easier work flow to debug, correct & document the ENTIRE script flow
    • Increased productivity


    Use Cases


    1. Debug + edit script in context of the surrounding scripts
      • An error in one script sometimes indicates there may be errors in neighboring scripts
    2. Debug + edit complex processes which extend over multiple files
      • Being able to gather all scripts of one file into the file's script workspace would help the developer focus on the complex process rather than the complex windows
    3. Documenting buggy scripts in the bug-database
      • Sometimes it is not possible to change a script directly, rather it must be documented and the scope of the problem first analysed
      • In this case the aim of debugging is to capture the process, the names of the scripts + screenshots
      • Part of this documentation is WHERE the script is to be found in the script tree - often as a screenshot
    4. Opening all scripts within a single process / Getting to know a new process
      • Debugging + opening each (sub)script as it is performed leads to a plethora of windows which are hard to navigate and organize.