Bridge the Gap to Custom Functions in Other Files

Idea created by Chris Irvine on Nov 18, 2015

    We can access scripts in external files, we can access tables, we can even access value lists.


    Remove the necessity of importing and maintenance headache of CFs in multi-file solutions.


    I can think of several ways to pull this off but only one seems reasonable:

    Name-spaced syntax for calculations such as {file reference}->{function name}([parameters])

    This would be a require a file reference and then you could bind to external CFs. This approach is good because it would be a true reference and should be exported and navigable in the DDR. This should be just as stable as any external field reference, so they could even be allowed for use in calculated fields.


    Not so nice ways it could be implemented:

    * [x] publish CF as global. Located at run time, custom functions would be resolved based on open files or something unpredictable.

    * A CF file, where functions were independent of solution files, almost like plug-ins. I fear this would be just add a new deployment headache. (I guess this might be a little enticing, but only only if you sprinkle a little GitHub on top. I'm not sure how this approach would be navigable in the DDR. Maybe it could be similar to plug-in usage.)