Native interaction between web viewer and fields

Idea created by beverly Expert on Nov 18, 2015

    There has been a need for the ability to populate fields in a form in Web Viewer and that is possible with JavaScript, but maybe only if you have control of the form page. And there has been a need for the ability to populate an HTML Form in Web Viewer (created with the data protocol), AND allow the user to 'submit' which would push the data into field(s).


    While there are plug-ins that do this, it should be a function of FileMaker.




    1. There is a need to create forms which just cannot be done in Form View or Table View or List View (or in portal), as they may include graphics (such as a test), or need to slide (variable question and/or answer length & height). This can be created and shown in Web Viewer. But submitting that form may not be able to send to a website (which would need to have a database to collect the data).


    2. Java script can 'collect' the GET information (name/value pairs) into a single web form field, but getting that data back is not possible with




    (which reads the original form, not the completed form).