Native Hex <-> Dec functions & co.

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Nov 18, 2015



    Developers need native functions to convert between hexadecimal and decimal numbers, in order to process hexadecimally encoded data in text.

    These days, it is not just nerds who have to understand + convert hexadecimal numbers - they are everywhere!

    • html, css, javascript, colors
    • xml, xslt, svg
    • fm DDR, fmxmlsnippet
    • encoded URLs
    • base64-encoded images (ok so that's base 64 - thus "& co." in the title )
    • since fm14, we even have hex colors in the layout interface!


    It's time for FMP to grow up and Improve FileMaker string processing functions to an extent that developers can work normally and easily with typical modern day data!


    Yes, it is currently possible to create ones' own custom functions to achieve this, however this has several major drawbacks:



    So, something like the following is desired:


    • HexToDec( HexadecimalText )
    • DecToHex( Number )


    and / or (maybe)


    • ConvertBase( TextOrNumber ; FromBase ; ToBase )

  order to support base 64 and binary, and all the other stuff that one - sometimes - needs


    I'm open for discussion.




    • Native functions are fast, stable, error free, well-defined & standardized (in comparison to multi plethora of CFs)
    • Improved Synergy:
      • CFs to parse text will be faster and able to process larger texts.
      • The Insert from URL script step will become more attractive & useful, because developers can better process the results
      • Interaction with webviewer content will be easier
    • More standardized:
      • easier to learn
      • easier to disseminate
      • easier to share
    • Developers with FileMaker Pro (not Advanced) will be able to do all this stuff too
      • I've never thought about it, because I always develop with FMP Advanced - and solve lots of problems with CFs - it never occurred to me that FMP users can't do any of this stuff
    • and, of course, increased productivity




    • creating SVG images
    • reading data out of WebViewer URLs
    • storing and specifying RGB colors
    • analyzing flags in the DDR and fmxmlsnippet clipboard XML
    • constructing XSLT files
    • extracting data out of HTML text
    • converting html character entities into characters
    • converting text encodings (generating UTF-8 representations of text)
    • analyzing low+high-ascii characters within a text.
    • the list just goes on and on...