PersistentID for FMGo built on Serial#, NOT file path

Idea created by Benjamin Fehr on Nov 19, 2015
    • Benjamin Fehr

    As we know, with iOS 7, Apple Inc. skipped the possibility of evaluating NIC (as a unique Devices identification) with any iOS-Devices.

    The current work around by FMI presumably is built on a unique string within the FMGo applications path. Though same FM solution will show different PersistentID's on same device for different FMGo versions. Also, deleting and re-installing FMGo may alter the PersistentID.


    A persistent PersistentID should be built on a Devices' ID as the Serial-# would be.


    If Apple Inc. does not allow to evaluate the Serial-# of a iPhone OR iPad, this should be brought forward to Apple for reconsideration.