Script Workspace Autocomplete Variable Names (type-ahead)

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Nov 26, 2015



    Variable names are THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF ERRORS in scripts. Variable name TYPOS are SO EASY TO MAKE  and SO DIFFICULT TO FIND!*


    When typing a formula in a script and a $variable name is started a list of already defined variables should be suggested in the auto complete menu.


    • $variables
      • Only variables which have been defined earlier in the script should be listed.
      • Variables which are defined later in the script should NOT be listed
    • $$variables
      • In the first implementation it would be sufficient to only list $$Variables if they are defined earlier in the script
      • An advanced implementation could suggest ALL $$variables defined anywhere in the file - but this would require FMI to keep a central list


    * Note: With MBS Plugin and fmSyntaxColorizer (most) variable errors are easy to find




    • Less errors due to typos in variable names
    • increased productivity
    • less ANGST when scripting with variables
    • lass maintenance of bugs in delivered databases


    Use Cases


    • Scripting with variables


    See also


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