Get ( MemoryConsumption )

Idea created by ibrahim_bittar on Nov 27, 2015
    • dswatski
    • ibrahim_bittar

    Given my last experience with FileMaker memory consumption (see: FileMaker 14 (Windows) crashing on a really loaded layout) I think it is important to have a Get () function that returns how much memory is being used by FileMaker Pro.


    For example it could return this:


    • Total Memory.
    • Available Cache.
    • Available for Allocating.


    During the development process we add more and more features without realizing the memory footprint our solution will have. This function would help us to monitor it and take measures when memory consumption reaches certain level.


    If fact, we could have this memory monitor in the data viewer and we could set a threshold that would change color or popup an alert when we pass that limit.