Also show inspector options in the menus

Idea created by Extensitech on Nov 27, 2015
    • hbrendel
    • fitch
    • PeterDoern
    • TonyWhite
    • jbante
    • SteveNoble

    I do like the inspector. This suggestion would no make any changes to the inspector itself.


    However, when the inspector was introduced, several items were removed from the menus and placed on the inspector only. I'd like them back.


    For one thing, menus on Windows are accessible with hot keys. This may seem trivial to Mac users (or even to casual Windows users) but it allowed keystrokes to everything about an object. The inspector has hot keys for some things, but not all, and even where they exist it's generally a lot harder to keystroke to items without a bizarre series of keystrokes, tabs, space button, etc.


    For another thing, being able to change one attribute on a group of objects, without changing all of them, has become more difficult.


    Again, leave the inspector as it is, no problem with that. But having menu items for the same things allows for other efficient work flows, and also more granular control. Having options in more places isn't unprecedented, nor are the benefits unrecognized. Look at all the ways you can enter Layout mode. Just because we add one new way to do something, do we need to remove all the others?


    Chris Cain