Think of how to stop the "opening another dialogue nightmare"

Idea created by intex on Dec 5, 2015

    Just had to change the URL in a script called by a button.


    • I doubleclicked the button (dialogue 1)
    • I clicked choose to see the script being fired by the button (dialogue 2)
    • clicked edit to see the actual script (dialogue 3)
    • clicked edit in the URL script step of the script (dialogue 4)
    • clicked edit to see the actual URL (dialogue 5)




    Now I have to click five times OK, to actually save the new URL - what a GUI nightmare.


    So, FMI, please, in future, always think about how you can save the opening of additional dialogue boxes, how you can save clicks, Edit-buttons and so on - these things cost us developers part of our life time ...