Landscape PDF's are only partially viewable in Acrobat Pro

Idea created by dburnham on Dec 7, 2015
    • dburnham

    I have a monthly routine that creates a PDF invoice in Portrait orientation and then appends to it a PDF time report in Landscape orientation.   Customers sometimes complain that they cannot correlate the totals on the invoice to the time report and the reason is that Acrobat Pro does not show the entire Landscape page - it's as if it's been cut off after the first 2-3 inches.


    If I open the FileMaker-generated PDF in Apple Preview, everything is perfectly legible, so it probably isn't FileMaker that's responsible.  If I then re-save the document from Preview and try to open it in Acrobat Pro, it's perfect.  So again, it probably isn't FileMaker but then again, maybe it is the way FileMaker is writing the PDF originally, or maybe it has something to do with the appending of a PDF.


    I don't know, and I have not done any testing other than what is described above.  I have plenty of examples I can provide to FM engineering to show this result but I hesitate to attach any to this post because of confidentiality of the information.