Conditional formatting with formatting formulas instead of fixed formattings

Idea created by intex on Dec 9, 2015

    Currently you can only have a fixed formatting for conditional formatting. If you want for example to differ expenses and income, you would have two formulas


    if number<0 than expense -> format red

    if number>0 than income -> format green


    This work could be made much easier, if formatting could be done in a formula with the text formatting functions and more


    if number>0; textcolor(RGB(color values));textcolor(RGB(color values)))


    This would also make the conditional formatting easily controllable by parameters, the user could choose. Currently it would be hard to program a wide choice of colors. If we had a formula for conditional formatting, it would be one line of code. The whole interface could be easily made much more versatile. Allow the user to set his color and font and have one conditional formatting formula:


    if userfont and usercolor are not empty -> textcolor(usercolor); textfont (userfont)


    Would make the whole thing a) much more versatile and b) quicker to code.