Easier Indenting in Calculation Editor

Idea created by mark_scott on Dec 9, 2015

    Indenting provides a great, and almost universally used, way to format calculation code for improved readability and maintenance.  Two things would make this easier:


    (1)  In the current calculation dialog, Return (correctly) adds a line break (Fn-Return to exit the dialog), but Tab just shifts the focus within the dialog.  Opt-Tab is needed in order to add hard tabs for indenting lines.  Suggestion #1, therefore, is that these should be harmonized; specifically, the Tab key alone should add a tab within the editor.


    (2)  I’d love to be able to make a multi-line selection and change its indent level with a click.  “Increase” and “Decrease indent” buttons would automatically add or remove tabs at the beginning of all lines in the selection.  Thought of this the other day when I had to modify a complex calc with SQL expressions nested within a multi-test Case statement—there was probably a Let in there too—and found myself needing to add another level of Case ( ), and thus indent all of my SQL lines one stop further in order to maintain readability.