Allow Custom Branding of the Web Direct landing page while maintaining Security

Idea created by on Dec 9, 2015

    Let me see if I can get across my difficulty that I am experiencing with Web Direct:  I want to create a WebDirect site that my customers can come to WITHOUT  landing on the WebDirect database list while maintaining the upmost security possible.


    My biggest issue with this list of database is that it forces the end-user to use the built-in FileMaker authentication, which we all know to be secure and the only 'official' way to securely connect to a hosted WebDirect database.  The problem here is that is no support for industry standard techniques for password resets or new account registrations using this layout, and the only other way to allow users to perform tasks like that are to have them connect to a fundamentally insecure database i.e. one with a default user and password.


    Without some way to perform user registration & account management functions on a WebDirect database, I think that WebDirect loses a massive subset of customers.