Convert objects to buttons

Idea created by fitch on Dec 11, 2015

    Problem: many older solutions contain text objects that were made into buttons. These objects do not enjoy the theme attributes of buttons, such as icons and alternate states, and there is no way to convert them into proper buttons. The developer is forced to create a new button, assign the script, parameter and label, then delete the old button and position the new button. Tedious and error-prone.


    Idea: provide a Convert to Button command that would take the text label, button script and parameter of a text object, and change it into an actual button. This would save a ton of time!


    *If the button contains other elements (e.g. graphics), you could display a dialog explaining that those will be lost, along with an option to no longer show that dialog.


    *An option to convert all buttons on a layout would be amazing -- but I'd settle for a one-at-a-time feature.