Bug Report inventory AND Bug fix protocol by FMI

Idea created by Benjamin Fehr on Dec 14, 2015

    First of all, many thanks and praise to philmodjunk for the great service he did for all of us for many Years by collecting bug reports and providing a detailed list to all of us!

    Though Phil is absent for unknown reasons leaving this job, which rightfully should be done by FMI, vacant.


    FMI TS AND Dev. Dept. shall provide a list with all known issues in all details. This list contains "work around" AND priority stage for fix.

    (approx. gets fixed with FMP 14.5.9, for example)


    This is to prevent all customers and developers from wasting time with detailed tests and documentations for issues FMI already knows as well as to set up our roadmap according to estimated bug fixes to come with next updates.


    Up from there, it's no big effort to also publish a "Bug fixed" list with every new FM version.