Make portal items inherit changes to the TO of the portal (optional)

Idea created by NBusch on Dec 15, 2015

    When the TO for a portal is changed, all elements within the portal become unusable because the references don't match any longer. I suggest an option "change elements as well" that allows the user to change the reference of each item inside the portal as well, provided the item uses the same TO reference as the portal in the first place.


    Typical scenario: In a solution many relations point towards the table "Persons". The portal showing the relevant information regarding a person as well as the button "send mail", "phone" and "make appointment" is used on a variety of layouts. Each time you want to re-use the portal in a new connection you have to adjust every single item on it, every script trigger, every calculated formating, every script parameter etc.pp. This is all the more annoying in FileMaker 14 as re-assigning something to the current TO now takes many more mouse clicks then before.


    This could be decreased to a single mouse click if the elements where simply to inherit the new TO.