WebDirect ... Alignment of radio buttons and check boxes

Idea created by CarstenLevin on Dec 15, 2015
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    WebDirect is the most important new "deployment platform" for us. So far it is not killing FMP, and will probably not do so for another few years


    But WD has very recent gained access for FileMaker to some large corporations where the need to install custom desktop software was sending us into a dead end one way road time after time.


    Bput I digress ... I just wanted to explain why even small errors and annoyances are beco  important to us in WD.


    Idea, bug fix

    • summary: make the alignment of radio buttons and check boxes align like in FMP and not unordered as now.
    • important to me because it will let me use this very central feature which is now only 40% supported in WD
    • use cases: any solution where we deploy via WD and want to give structured input options


    Best regards




    ps. Idea or bug report?

    not sure