Error Handling on Server Script Step

Idea created by Johan Hedman on Dec 17, 2015

    For larger systems night time FMS Schedule FM-script make big difference and Perform Script on Server can make magic. I would like to add a new script step that only works for scripts running on FMS called Error Handling on Server. This new step I would like to stack all errors if I where to run a Perform Script on Server from FMP or from FMS a scheduled FileMaker Script. Script should have On/Off flag so that as a developer I can choose whether or not the errors should show up


    Example 1:

    Performing a FMS Scheduled FileMaker script

         Search for records, if found loop through them a make difference until last record and then exit loop. Then exakt thing for another table.

    With new error script step I would like to be able to see errors in a stack like this:

              Perform Find (no records found)

              Go to next record (exit loop no more records)


    Example 2:

    Performing a Perform Script on Server:

         By mistake I have a set field to a calculated field in a script. I then would like to see a error

              Set field (FieldName)


    With this new Error Handling step it would be so much easier to find errors in PSoS and running from FMS Scheduler. It would also mean that I don't need to have errors in FMS Log Viewer for script steps.