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Idea created by CarstenLevin on Dec 18, 2015
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    Summary: A global ares, like an iFrame or shared elements/snippets that can be edited at one place but used solution-wide.


    Why: We often need to have a menu or a function that we use at many places in a solution. As it is now we have to put it individually at each place. This is a problem.


    Case: And when we change something we will have to do it manually many times. We, as developers, will win many hours of work. Faster development, better more consistant solutions. Cheaper for our customers.



    And here just elaborating on the idea:

    Problem: When creating menus we have for many years used some pretty good models. Like web viewers for using the same menu across many layouts and independent of context/TO/TOG.


    Idea: FileMaker should consider a solution where we can re-use the same elements across a solution while maintaining them at one place. Change it once and it is changes across the entire solution. It could be for your solutions common functionality, layout blocks for menus etc. etc.


    Thoughts on ways to do it:

    • One way could be like with the web viewer, a frame like area showing another layout where you made the element you want to re-use.

    or maybe even better, much better:

    • To be able to create a library of common elements that are maintained as individual elements within other layouts. Like the original Apple Publish & Subscribe.

    Other good ideas?


    Problems/challenges: Context and the consistent function of such an element that is used at different locations based on different layouts/TO/TOG's is something that FileMaker Inc can not solve. It must be up to the individual developer to handle this ... just as when you copy a field or a portal from one layout to another ... it's your problem whether it is logical and giving the expected result.


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