Immediate support for full screen mode and other modern system features

Idea created by intex on Dec 22, 2015

    I think it´s more astonishing on Mac OS X than on Windows, since FMI is an Apple subsidiary, but why doesn´t FileMaker support the latest system features immediately?


    Where is the support for


    • full screen mode (really natively). Still in El Capitan a scripted dialogue is made fullscreen too ... (BUG!)
    • notifications center (could be hybrid regarding Windows 8 and 10)
    • iCloud saving of files and synch, of course OneDrive on the Windows side
    • FM Advanced support with runtimes for appstores Mac, Windows and iOS
    • integrated support for the most common system apps or free apps, not only Mail, but also contacts, reminders, notes and calendar - get data from these and push data to them


    Note, that some of these points are already part of other threads.