Copy + paste field WITH calculation context (base TO)

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 6, 2016
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    Currently when copying and pasting fields the calculation context is NOT copied, and resets to the first TO of the current table. In some - maybe most - cases this is no problem, because the expected TO is the first TO, HOWEVER, ...


    • if the calculation SHOULD be calculated in the context of a non-standard TO, or
    • if the first TO is not the TO which the developer considers to be the PTO


    ... the calculation context is different to the original.


    This causes many errors + problems in DB development, because


    • the pasted field is not identical to the copied field,
    • this behavior is unexpected,
    • the error thus often goes unnoticed by the unwitting developer.


    Note: This problem occurs when copying a field BETWEEN databases and EVEN when copying a field WITHIN THE SAME database + table!




    Copying and pasting fields should make an exact copy of the field, as one would expect, INCLUDING the calculation context!


    This requires two tiny changes from FMI:


    • Copying fields should include the calculation context in the clipboard XML
    • Pasting the field should match the calculation context TO BY NAME




    • Less errors accidentally introduced into the (development or deployed) database
    • One less FM Gotcha
    • FileMaker is more FileMakery, i.e. obvious, easy to use and learn
    • Happier developers + customers


    Use Cases


    • Creating similar fields in the same table using copy + paste
    • Creating a series of fields in the same table using copy + paste (ShowDate 1, ShowDate 2, ShowDate 3, ...)
    • Transferring functionality between multiple files
    • Transferring functionality to deployed solutions
    • Transferring newly developed functionality from a development (branch) database to the master (trunk) database


    This idea is part of the Make Copy + Paste just work idea and is part of a (much simpler) alternative to the Update Deployed Solutions idea.

    It is particularly important to implement this idea, if the idea to Specify which TO is the PTO Idea is not implemented.