Style Editor (or a way to externally edit styles)

Idea created by ibrahim_bittar on Jan 6, 2016
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    Hi everybody


    We need a way to clean and/or streamline all our styles without having to manually select each one of them and then make changes, save the style and then save the theme.


    When we have a bunch of styles that can be easy to do with the current version of FileMaker, however, if we have a couple hundred styles (like I do) then things are not that easy.


    In my particular case, I have a problem with a font I was using: Helvetica Neue. The thing is that it is referenced in the DDR as "Helvetica Neue", with quotes, which breaks the XML file and it's not possible to analyze it with Inspector or BaseElements. This is causing me some headaches with copy and paste because FileMaker refuses to paste some objects or pastes them without any style. I have 1860 instances where this corrupt setting is affecting me and it is crazy to solve it by hand.


    It would be great that we could perform a Find/Replace over our CSS style file and massively change a parameter. On the other hand, there are many properties that are not available if you create a Style from FileMaker Pro, for example, I could manage to change the color of the triangle in a popup menu using an External CSS editor but it was messy and I think we need something better.