Make all internal object IDs available

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 6, 2016
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    Internal IDs are particularly important when updating or upgrading files in multiple file solutions.


    When objects (scripts, fields, etc.) are referenced across files, the objects are referenced by internal ID. Should a SINGLE file of a multi-file database be replaced/updated with a newer version of the file, the objects (scripts, fields, etc.) referenced in external files may become broken, if the objects in the referenced files have different internal IDs than the 'same' objects in the original file.




    It should be possible to SEE internal IDs in the product, without having to resort to external clipboard tools.




    • Functionality can be built identically into multiple files / into older versions of a file
    • It makes it possible to check that exchanging/deploying one file of a multiple solution will reference objects correctly


    Use Cases


    • Porting a table to another file, such that tables and fields have identical internal IDs
    • Identifying where fields - or any other object - has been deleted