Undo data entered in Fields after commit

Idea created by SteveNoble on Jan 7, 2016
    • hbrendel
    • justinc
    • SteveNoble

    More often than I care to admit, I enter wrong data in a field. The previous data is replaced and gone to data heaven.


    I am talking about undo when in user mode not developer mode (I will leave that for another idea).


    How this would work... It would be great to right click the field and have an option in the pop up menu to see what the previous data was, a time stamp on when it was changed and option to revert.


    Does this mean doubling the size of the data base? I don't know maybe there are ways around that or some limits?


    I do not think more than one version back would be needed (more would be nice, but I see that as really ballooning the size of the database)