Excel Export - Create Totals Row

Idea created by Abingdon on Jan 9, 2016
    • rnusser
    • BeatriceBeaubien

    Purpose - Allow Users to select an option to include a final 'Totals' row that sits underneath the fields being exported and summarises the fields.


    This would avoid having to export a separate Summary field (as an additional column) just so that the exported Excel file can be checked for totals when a user is manually adding in Excel's own 'AutoSum' at the bottom of a spreadsheet.


    Also would be nice if the function also allowed user to specify the text naming for the row.  For example, 'Totals' or 'Total Profit' or, even better, specify the row title from a calculation.


    See Post 152045 for discussion.


    Hope this is a useful idea.