Have FMS only encode SMTP name fields only if non-ASCII characters exist

Idea created by ralvy on Jan 13, 2016
    • Chris Irvine

    Currently, using FM Server's Send Mail by SMTP script step will UTF8-encode the Name field and the Subject field. This can result in some email clients seeing only gibberish (undecoded UTF8 strings) in such fields when receiving such an email message sent by Server. Two such email clients I use on my Android device have this problem: Maildroid and SolMail. The FROM Name is gibberish in such cases.


    I suggest having Server only encode such fields if non-ASCII characters are found there.


    To work around this problem, I do not place a value in the FROM Name field at all. Rather, I embed the sender name in the Email Address field, as so:


    "John Doe <johndoe@email.com>"