To integrate scripts that can interconnect with hardware

Idea created by welldesigned_14 on Jan 15, 2016

    My idea is to use VBscript or other options for PC and MAC to control external hardware which is attached to the PC running Filemaker

    or Filemaker server.




    to force a powercycle,


    • close Filemaker,
    • pause,
    • turn external UPS into a restart cycle causing the PC to restart
    • and re-open Filemaker after booting PC


    To activate a relay on a relay card to do anything:


    • activate sound (alarm),
    • make coffee,
    • turn lights off after hours,
    • turn aircon on / off
    • give access to the vault or equipment store room after running a script in the "store mans database" to hand out and book out equipment from stock
    • log the store opening event with access person and timestamp