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Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 17, 2016



    We have invested man months of work in an elegant theme for our software and applied it to all layouts


    Our aim has been to create a consistent theme across 32 files, with the option of being later updated - either for the purposes of ‘bug’ correction or for a future face lift.


    We have been EXTREMELY careful to create and develop the styles, such that no link becomes broken and that the option to update remains, that is:


    • we generated all new styles ONLY in the master theme file
    • we edited existing styles ONLY in the master theme file
    • we imported+updated the new version of the theme into every other file
    • we trained our developers to follow these rules
    • we checked our software with external tools to make sure all of the internal IDs are OK,
    • (and when we noticed a spelling mistake in one of the style names - we DIDN’T rename it!)


    Now it is time to roll out our new spangly database, and we have hit a big problem: users!


    In our database administrators/users are allowed to edit layouts - in order to optimize the user experience for the needs of their particular business processes. Until now this has been no problem, as the user has been able to do the layouting without breaking the layouting tools.


    However, because of the way themes and styles have been implemented - i.e. for update they are dependent on their internal UUIDs - this means:


    If a user DELETES or even just RENAMES a style, the updatability of this style is broken FOREVER.




    It must be possible to lock themes in a way which protects their updatability.


    Lock Themes.png


    1. Themes should have a lock flag, available in the Manage Theme dialog
    2. After importing a theme into a file, the lock flag should be automatically set to true.


    Note: This is also an important feature during development of a theme across a multi-file solution. A theme lock would mean that developers are not tempted or able to edit styles in the wrong file.


    Vote this idea up, if you use themes and wish to protect them!


    Happy FileMaking


    Günther Business Solutions GmbH