FileMaker Server for Linux

Idea created by Chris Irvine on Jan 18, 2016

    The current landscape of options for running FileMaker Server isn't ideal or complete.


    Platform A has a popular UNIX-based operating system, but the company took their eyes off the enterprise and data center around 2010 to concentrate on profitable mobile hardware.


    Platform B is supported by several classy hardware vendors, but runs on an operating system that many of us love to hate, not typically a first choice for security and flexibility.



    Wouldn't it be great if FileMaker Server was available to run on one or more POSIX oriented operating systems that also had enterprise hardware support, such as: Linux, FreeBSD, or Solaris. Broader server support would continue to improve acceptance of FileMaker in enterprise IT departments.


    Many innovative server technologies are being pioneered in this space. It would be great to use things like: Vagrant, Puppet, ZFS, OpenStack, Docker, Jails, nginx, etc.


    Obviously, this wouldn't a good fit for every organization, FMS should continue to ship on it's current platforms. But, this would delight some developers and might open the door for some serious installations.