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Idea created by CarstenLevin on Jan 20, 2016
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    Move the "Log in using" and the "Allow keychain access" from the File options to the Manage Security area.

    Why it is it important to me?

    FileMaker is constantly improving security and are communicating security best practices to the development community* And thus FileMaker has avoided many of the security problems that could have hit us all.


    In the File Options panel we can set the "Log in using" and the "Allow keychain access".


    I do not consider any of those settings to be problematic if the developer know what the consequences are. In many cases they can even, in the specific user environments, be used to enhance the over all security.


    But when used wrong they can also compromise security.


    Therefore they should, in my opinion, be moved from here to the Manage Security setup.


    Manage security is protected behind another prompt to enter your Full Access credentials. The File Options Dialog is directly accessable when your computer is left open with your Full Access login.


    Use case

    First of all the obvious argument: By prompting the developer to re-enter the Full Access credentials when entering Manage Security we are "warned" that we are entering a crucial area of the solution:-)


    Then a use case: We are going to get a cup of coffee, a latte or as I prefer a cappuccino with an extra espresso, and someone are is sitting down at you PC and decide to make life easier by changing the settings.


    OK, this is a legacy issue. It has always been like this. But the time has come to change it in one of the next releases of FileMaker.


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