Get ( ApplicationVersion ) with iOS App SDK

Idea created by CamelCase_data Expert on Jan 25, 2016

    This could almost be a bug report, but since FMP/FMS haven't been updated after the release of the iOS App SDK, I'll generously consider this a feature request ;-)


    If you use Get ( ApplicationVersion ), or for that matter, review the FMS logs to see what application versions have opened a database, there seemingly is no straightforward way of telling the difference between "official" FileMaker Go apps and custom apps built using the iOS App SDK. The latter show up as e.g. "Go_iPad 0.0.1", if I choose to set the version number to 0.0.4 in XCode. If I, on the other hand, choose to set the version number to 13.0.23, 14.0.9, or even 15.0.1, that's also accepted without question by both Get ( ApplicationVersion ) and the FMS logs.

    Just as one practical example, this makes it very tricky to know whether you've properly activated the option to only allow opening a file with FileMaker 14 or not.


    This is extra important since it is very easy to build a custom FileMaker Go app with the iOS App SDK that can open any FileMaker file (given access to the file path and login, of course), not just files bound to the solution, the way a runtime works (which I guess is mostly nice, even if also surprised me).


    In order to properly differentiate between the version of FileMaker / FileMaker Go used when a custom app was built, we would probably need some additional calculation function, and to have this be reflected in the server logs. I could imagine this to be something like Get ( CustomApplicationVersion ), which would then return "CamelCase FiasTest 0.0.2", or perhaps "com.camelcase.fiastest 0.0.2".

    Get ( ApplicationVersion ) should return "Go_iPad 14.0.4" or whatever the actual FileMaker Go version used was.