Show theme information in the manage layouts list

Idea created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 27, 2016



    • There is far too little information about used themes in FileMaker
    • In the themes dialog you can discover how many layouts use a theme but not WHICH layouts.
    • Also, when developing and applying themes to layouts, it is far too easy to forget to save changes to themes, and end up in a situation where multiple layouts have multiple - and possibly conflicting - changes to themes.
    • In the manage layouts list we can currently see what table and menu a layout is based on, but not which theme it uses.




    Add the following to the manage layouts list:


    • a column ‘Theme’ and
    • a column indicating if the theme has been changed on that layout, for example a round button with a red triangle, as in the inspector


    Something like this:


    Manage Layouts List.png


    • The buttons should be the same as the buttons in layout mode, allowing the user to save or reset changes in a layout, and/or
    • the buttons should have a tooltip showing the changes made





    Use Cases


    • Developing new themes
    • Applying and tweaking existing themes
    • Weeding out old, unwanted or - above all - broken themes